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Timothée Brès
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This the second part of a 3-parts-series :

[ T.A.O. is an acronym without any direct link with Taoism ]

Movement Alchemy workshop at Traditional Dream Factory during ReFi DAO week — Portugal October 2023

TAO Workshop

To go deeper in the exploration of the 4 leadership polarities (vision, order, action, care) through archetypes, the TAO workshop (2h online or offline) brings participants through a series of practical & embodied exercises.

Working individually, in pairs & in groups, the objective is to conduct an individual situational assessment (your strong/weak leadership archetype) and develop your emotional agility & “androgynous” leadership capacities (leadership/yang energy AND followership/yin energy).

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TAO workshop during an IDG retreat (Chemin28) with 100 CEOs near Brussels
Somatic practices to develop empathy (Lover archetype)
TAO workshop for Trois/Tiers incubation program — La Matrice July 2023

Movement Alchemy ~ Immersive Experience

This 1h workshop is designed to help teams identify and transform collective blind spots, enhance leadership skills, emotional agility and develop androgynous capacities.

The focus is to synchronise nervous systems through story telling, imagination, movement, sound & psycho-technologies. An embodied exploration of the 4 archetypes through a 360° sensory immersive experience.

Integration Phase at Traditional Dream Factory — ReFi DAO week in Portugal 2023

Tools for organisational transformation : culture scan, collective inner compass, TAO x OCAI

By measuring your cultural health and tracking your values / practices alignment with the collective inner compass, you can identify major blindspots upfront, before they become a serious threat to your organisation. Designed to avoid the usual traps of decentralisation processes and bring teams on the androgynous path : combining the best of centralised/directive and decentralised/participative models.

Ouishare Case

Develop the androgynous capacities of your organisation in function of your eco-system & culture by measuring your level of androgynous maturity with the TAO x OCAI framework.

Inspired by OCAI framework.

TAO framework

T.A.O. Media

To go deeper into the theory of blindspots, collective shadow work, compassion/anger work and dialectics applied to the future of leadership & organisations … More pictures, videos & podcasts :

>> T.A.O. | Media

Huge thanks to all the people who supported / are supporting this research/action project.

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